Welcome to the 17th ONEDANCE Global Webcast!

Thank you for the many of you who have participated in the ONEDANCE events webcast and connected in a global field to the ONEDANCE movement prayer for peace!

It was wonderful to see that over 11,000 people joined us far in the dance from all 5 continents in the past 18 months! This fully reflects the spirit of OneDanceTribe, and its mission to contribute to the creation of the peaceful and prosperous global society.

If you wish to share your experience with the tribe, please post a picture, video or comment about your experience on the ONEDANCE Facebook Group. And if you feel inspired to write on our ONEDANCE blog about your experience please email your 500-800 words article and an image if you have one to

We hope you will invite your friends and family to join in the co-creation of this hour of conscious movement . If each of us invited 5 new people to the MAY event we would reach close to 10,000 dancing together! Please take a moment to send 5 people you know this link  That will give them a chance to review the story, vision and offering of ONEDANCE in a addition to receiving three videos and a free song.  

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About the Soundtrack

1. Invitation ~ Donny Regulmuto   24:00
2. As Above ~ Rara Avis   4:00
3. Jai Ma ~  Donna DeLory  7:30
4. GanaPathi Om  ~ Donna DeLory   6:00
5. Aham Prema  ~ Donna DeLory  6:15
6. Black Swan Medley ~ Donny Regulmuto 14:00

About the Teacher


 Amara Pagano is the inspiration behind the ONEDANCE monthly movement prayers. She is also the creator of the  AZUL conscious movement practice. Azul is the result of Amara’s love and lifelong dedication to dance as a vehicle for personal growth and transformation. Trained by Gabrielle Roth in Waves & Heartbeat, she has taught 5Rhythms® for 17 years and has traveled the world spreading her unique voice in this work throughout countries in Europe, the Americas and Australia.  

Amara has recently developed the Awakening Love Trilogy  a series of three week-long retreat designed to support personal transformation. Amara also offers workshops in North and South America, Europe and Australia and will start the Azul™ Teacher Training beginning November 2016. 

Amara is the founder of the global conscious movement community OneDanceTribe,  a new and unified field where teachers and dancers from different countries, modalities and walks of life come together as ONE TRIBE to celebrate the power of moving as one.  OneDanceTribe organizes week-long retreats every January in Maui, Hawaii and every June in Kisslegg, Germany and offers free monthly global webcasts. For more information visit


About the Artists and Music

OneDanceTribe wishes to thank and acknowledge the artists who have contributed to this production with their music


 OKA  A celebration of all that it is to be alive and free in the world today, Australian based OKA draws upon their indigenous connection to place and country through music. Their signature sound is an irresistible blend of influences spanning house, big beat, reggae-dub, Roots, Jazz and world music. A rhythm based sonic tapestry crossing cultural boundaries, embracing the future without losing sight of the past.

For more information and to purchase music by the artists please visit


 Donna De Lory  With a string of best-selling and much-loved albums—including Bliss (2000), In the Glow (2003), The Lover and The Beloved (2004), Sky is Open (2006), Sanctuary (2008), Remixes (2010) and The Unchanging (2013)—Donna De Lory has become one of the reigning queens of world devotional music.

Before dedicating her life to singing sacred mantras and lyrics of spiritual aspiration, De Lory traveled the globe for 20 years as a backup singer and dancer for Madonna, appearing in the documentary film Truth or Dare and on stage with the pop icon during numerous legendary tours.

De Lory’s own music combines sparkling pop savvy with a deeply felt sense of spirituality, and has won her a strong fan base in the yoga/conscious living community and beyond. Embracing styles as diverse as Celtic, Middle Eastern, Indian classical and contemporary electronica, De Lory’s musical perspective is as wide as the world itself. -Alan di Perna

To purchase music by the artist please visit and iTunes.


 Donny Regalmuto works with music as a spiritual source of inspiration, healing and spiritual awakening. He has provided musical support for spiritual events, ceremonies, dances and Tantric pujas for the last twenty five years and has worked with Sophia and other spiritual recording artist as a producer and musician to create many Spiritual and New age albums.

Donny lives in Hawaii, where he teaches  teaches classes, workshops and retreats and creates multimedia music, dance and sound healing rituals, New Moon Sound and Energy Healing Ceremonies for World Peace. His dream is to perform sacred musical theater with his beloved to inspire and up lift humanity. Donny works in a group called Mystical Alchemy ( he practices Prayerformances  to combine ritual, ceremony, sound healing, hypnotherapy, music and dance in profoundly inspiring and transformational way. Each journey offers a unique experience and is guided by the energies of astrology, the cycles of nature as well as planetary and current issues.

Rara-looking down

 Rara Avis is a West Coast based producer, performer, multi-instrumentalist. See  Rara’s live sets are a mixture of guitar, vocals, and dj techniques that combine pre-produced original studio music with live electronic elements to create a truly original, shamanic, heart felt transmission of music for embodiment.

For almost 10 years he has been one-third of the ground breaking trio known as Desert Dwellers.He has also been an integral part of the Shaman’s Dream Music Collective, first as a part of the live LA based World Music ensemble, and then in the studio as a co-producer on the celebrated releases “Kerala Dream” and “Dance Dream Dance”.

For the past 3 years he has also been CEO and co-founder of Yogi Tunes. We wish to give thank to the generosity of Yogitunes for giving ONEDANCE access to a portion of their library in the creation of these offerings. To purchase music by the artist please visit

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“We danced 6, at my presentation/gallery space in Astoria, Oregon.  Most of the folks are new to conscious dance and really appreciated the guided movement meditation. The music was lovely! All are in for the next One Dance in May. Many Blessings” Dinah Urell

“I’m very grateful for this event and I felt so connected dancing alone in my tiny room!:) I danced on morning, as well in my community (as I’m Nia green belt teacher) and shared the idea of One dance in my community. Same in my wednesday morning class. So I’ve danced tuesday morning, tuesday night and wednesday morning! Focusing on Trust and Unity!! Every body felt connected and with no fear but Trust!! Thank you so much!! I’m truly grateful to be a part of this Conscious Dance Tribe!! “Viktoria Dohandi

“That was such fun!!! Definitely connected with the energy and just flowed with it. Such a spiritual experience… I DEFINITELY do this again!!!!”  Eve S Good

“Feel so grateful that am able to share in the intense joy of ONEDANCE. Being in Oz (Australia) have just danced with the world. The energy became so strong and beautiful it felt as though my hands were being held and pulled around the world.”  Tina Spiegal 

Thank you. Beautiful, I felt very connected to the dance community. Trudy from Poland

“Just danced in Belém, Brazil! It was my first time and I loved every minute of it! Peace.” Sheime Denadai 

“Six of us danced in this tiny southern Vermont town of Townshend this evening. We all enjoyed being part of the current” Patricia Burleson